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Warning - Biohazard.  Ponderosa Medical Waste Services of Flagstaff serves small generators of medical waste.

We serve small generators of medical waste in the Flagstaff area, including: Households, Veterinarians, Home Nursing, Hospice, Dental Clinics, Doctors Offices, and Medical Clinics.

We serve small generators of medical waste including:
Households, Veterinarians, Home Nursing, Hospice,
Dental Clinics, Doctors Offices, and Medical Clinics.


Save your practice money on medical waste disposal!


We pickup bio containers filled with medical waste and make sure it is disposed of correctly according to Arizona State law. We are a waste disposal service for Flagstaff, Arizona.MEDICAL WASTE DISPOSAL

Sharps/Needles - $20.00 per gallon.

Clinics provide their own sharp containers.

*5 gallon (RED BAG) loose waste bucket - $20.00.We pickup medical waste containers and make sure the contents are disposed of correctly according to state and county regulations. We are a medical waste disposal service based in Flagstaff, Arizona.

*32 gallon (RED BAG) loose waste barrel - $75.00.

*Loaner containers are available with red bags.


We keep things simple and above board. Ponderosa Medical Waste has NO hidden costs, NO maint. fees, NO gas surcharge, NO account service fee, and none of the numerous fees the other companies charge. What is advertised as the cost per gallon is exactly what you pay.

We ask you to compare our pricing to your current vendor. Are you billed monthly regardless of how many times your account is serviced?
Are you billed for minimum amounts of medical waste whether you have it or not?

Are you in a contract that renews automatically without review?

There is no need for small and medium size clinics to endure the hassle of medical waste disposal! Medical Waste is just trash that is regulated.

Ponderosa Medical Waste also has discounts for large generators. Clinics who generate in excess of 20 gallons of sharps can ask for a 25% discount.


Ponderosa Medical Waste operates once a month as a side business to our pet cremation service. Pick-ups of medical waste are normally scheduled the last Wednesday of each month. Clinics are notified by email, or can call anytime to be added to the schedule, up to 24 hours before the scheduled day or pick up.


If you wish to schedule a pick-up, please call us at
(928) 774-5669
Servicing the Flagstaff area!

No Contracts | No Extra Fees | $20.00 Minimum Charge


Ponderosa Medical Waste Services is a division of Ponderosa Enterprises, LLC.

Licensed by
The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ Permit #TR061410.00)
and Coconino County Department of Health Services.


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